Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Tim Tebow the most polarizing player in sports history?

Ask 10 football analysts what they think of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and you will get 10 extreme responses.

Lots of people love his determination, tenacity and will to win. They think he'll be a decent NFL quarterback if he's given time.

But there is a large group of analysts that are adamant that he will never be a success. They continue to say that Tebow will never win games with his unorthodox mechanics. They think it was a bad decision to remove Kyle Orton as the starting QB for the Broncos.

The problem with that argument is that Kyle Orton, a prototypical drop-back quarterback, hasn't had much success over the last two years. In 2010, Orton started 13 games. The Broncos record in those games was 3-10. This season, Orton started and finished three games, losing all of them.

So my question to all the analysts calling for Tebow to be benched: Why can't you just let him go out and play? Give him a shot. We know he's not fundamentally sound. But What's the harm in seeing if he can turn the Broncos around. Kyle Orton wasn't turning them around. Brady Quinn is not an answer. If Tebow fails, he'll be out of the league soon enough.

There is no harm in giving Tebow a chance. The Broncos can't go out and bring in someone else in the middle of the season.

So to all the analysts that want Tebow run out of the league, unless you want to suit up and play quarterback for the Broncos, sit back, take a chill pill and just let him play.

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