Monday, February 14, 2011

Doggie Singles Party!

That's what the Dog A'Fair felt like.

Anybody that know's me well knows that I'm not fond of dogs at all. I don't like over-friendly Man's Best Friends. I can deal with small dogs, but I have a difficult time being around any dog that has the ability to maul me (okay, jump on me and knock me down). So I wasn't sure if I had made the correct choice in allowing Zahir to take me the dog festival at the Radio Club.

But I will be the first to admit that I enjoyed photographing the dogs. All the dogs were on leashes, and for the most part, the dogs were more concerned with doing a little speed, I mean speed dating rather than bothering an unfamiliar human.

Hi My Name Is...

For more of my photos from the Dog A'Fair, go to

After the dog festival, I met up with Samira and her friend Gunjan at Kala Ghoda in an attempt to do some shopping for gifts. It took as about five minutes to realize it was a lost cause. A street art festival on a Sunday afternoon? I think everybody in all of Bombay was there. So we just started walking away from the festival. Because there were so many people, we were finding it difficult to hold the conversation, so we stopped in a little alley. As we started talking, a guy started banging on a drum and a little girl, probably six or seven years old, started doing somersaults.

Street Performer 01 from Ali Thanawalla on Vimeo.

Then she climbed up the poles and started traversing the tight rope as the man continued to bang on the drum. As you can see from the video below, there was also an element of call and response between the two.


Walking The Tight Rope

Tight Roping Street Performer from Ali Thanawalla on Vimeo.

I read that the terrific weather that the Bay Area has been spoiled with since I left will be overtaken by rain in the next day or two. I hope Mother Nature gets it all out of its system by the time I get back next Monday. I'm getting used to nice weather and I'm not looking forward to returning to rain. Please proceed to collectively curse at me.


ja said...

very cool. did you give her a tip?

Ali Thanawalla said...

Yes I did. 30 rupees.