Sunday, January 23, 2011

I survived a Big Bazaar Sale

Imagine a Black Friday-type scene inside a Mumbai all-in-one grocery store/supermarket. Nowhere to go. Carts hitting the back of your legs. Reaching over strangers to get the product you need. Store employees on bullhorns exclaiming the deals of the day. It was quite an experience. Next time you go to Safeway or Whole Foods, imagine having to spend 30 minutes in line, while the family in front of you unloads and pays for three carts of goods.

We are a house full of exhausted souls.

Yesterday was a bit more relaxing. Spent the afternoon going to Hanging Garden and Chowpatty Beach at sunset. The beach was full of kids running around, flying kites and riding the ferris wheel rides.

Sunset On The Beach


Hanging Garden

In the evening, I had dinner with my cousin Zahir and his girlfriend at the Radio Club never the Taj Hotel and Gateway of India. There was a wedding party taking place on the patio.

Party On The Water

After dinner, while walking back to the car, we stopped to say hi to one of the horses pulling the carriages. He was quite tame.

All Dressed Up

We're all just lying around right now. Samira, Rahim and I are watching CSI NY. Zahir is about to update the OS on my Blackberry. Just another chill evening in the Wallani household.

Gonna see family from my dad's side the next few days.


Grey said...
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Grey said...

Gorgeous pictures, lovely words! RTD