Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take A Ride

Riding in a car traveling along Marine Drive is always enjoyable. It's about two minutes with very few stops. People are always walking or sitting on the sea wall. Here is a video I recorded yesterday on my iPod.

Take A Ride Along Marine Drive (Mumbai) from Ali Thanawalla on Vimeo.

Yesterday was Samira's 30th birthday, so we went to one of her favorite restaurants, 5 Spice, a chinese restaurant in the Fort area of Mumbai. We were the last people to leave the restaurant, so the area was deserted, except for a few security guards and stray dogs.


We are heading out on a road trip early tomorrow morning. We're going to go to a new hill station city called Lavasa and possibly stop in Pune. My family has been telling me to go to Pune for a long time.

On a side note, the images from Egypt are insane. I've been glued to CNN all morning. I feel like we're watching a major international country crumble before our eyes. For a country known for it's tourism, it's going to be interesting to see how dramatic of a fall their tourism industry takes.

Signing off. About to head out with Samira to an Astrology Exhibit.

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