Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is it "sari" or "saree"?

When I used to visit Bombay with my mom, I would always tag along with her and her sister when they went shopping for jewelry or clothes. The men behind the counter would always offer me something to drink, usually a mango juice box.

Today brought back some of those memories. I met up with Naseem Aunty, who is also visiting from the US. We had lunch with her husband's parents at the Cricket Club of India (CCI), which is literally a cricket stadium. We ate lunch in one of the many restaurants in the concourse.


After lunch, Naseem Aunty and I went to a sari (or is it saree? I've asked Shehnaz Aunty and Samira, and they've both said it's interchangeable and that either one works) store a few blocks from CCI. She needed to get some gifts for friends back home. We spent about an hour in this shop and I watched her try on at least two dozen saris. The most amusing part of all this was that all of the men that worked there started to gather around and watch her try on the saris. I had been joking with her that she was becoming a Bollywood Diva, and anybody walking into this store during this hour would not have been blamed if they thought they had stumbled upon a Bollywood actress shopping for saris.


Afterwards, we went back to CCI, found her in-laws and had some tea before going our separate ways.


As I write this, we are trying to plan a short 2 day family trip for this weekend. We're looking at tiny hill station towns, like Lavasa. There are a couple other options, we feel like some of them require more than two days and one night.

Tomorrow is Republic Day here in India, which is their Independence Day. Not sure what we're going to do, but I've been told that the Air Force conducts an aerial show, so hopefully I'll get to check that out.

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emma said...

That wall of saris is BEAUTIFUL.