Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They have won, we have lost

Today is Republic Day in India. It's their 4th of July. I wanted to go to the Gateway of India to take photos, but the entire area was sealed off to traffic by barricades. You could walk down towards the Gateway, but they wouldn't allow cameras. I can't imagine security at Pier 39 being so tight that they wouldn't allow people to take photos. It's official. Those bad guys that want to cause mass destruction and mass chaos have won.

Enjoying The View

In the evening, I took a walk down behind our building with Zahir. People tend to gather on the sea wall and watch the sun set or exercise.

Relaxing Walk

Alright. Off to bed. Visiting one of my favorite aunts in Bandra tomorrow.

1 comment:

Lloyd said...

Sunset never fails to amazed me.
Great shot amigo. Very very artistic.

Thanks for sharing this to us.

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